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    I finally got my outgoing help desk email working, but now I have a problem with its content. An example sent to a test user follows:


    A new comment has been added. Please reply to this email (keeping the subject intact) with any additional information or comments.

    Help Desk: http://https://exchange/exchange/account/public_login/63?
    Ticket: # 63
    Submitted: Mar 29, 2009 @ 11:29 pm
    Summary: exchange timing out on citrix
    Status: open
    Priority: Med


    The problem is the bolded text. First, it's not a valid url at all, and beyond that, it's supposed to point to my help desk. Where can I explicitly change the contents of this URL that is added to all help desk emails?

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  • 08/07/08--12:31: Helpdesk with Exchange
  • I'm trying to get Helpdesk email up and running, but failing. I've pointed incoming and outgoing email addresses at the server, but receive:

    Error on outgoing settings: Unexpected response from the Exchange server received. Are you sure you entered the correct address? Error on incoming settings: Unexpected response from the Exchange server received. Are you sure you entered the correct address?

    I've tried this both with and without using (well, my domain, clearly) in the user names. I've tried logging in to the server manually using the address I cut and paste out of the Spiceworks entry area without a problem.

    Nothing works. Is there logging somewhere that I can use to diagnose this issue?

    I've even tried backing out and using a deprecated unix smtp/imap server. The imap reception works fine, but no matter what I do,...

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  • 03/30/12--06:05: Configuring Email
  • REDIRECT Configuring_Email

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    Dear Experts

    We are emailed a log from a particular application every night. This call automatically gets logged to SW. Is there a rule etc that we can create so that this call is automatically deleted from the Helpdesk system and no one is notified? We had an instance where by we had a corrupt email sent over to the Helpdesk system, and the Helpdesk could not reply back to the sender, so the email kept on getting bigger and bigger until SW server ran otu of disk space.

    I shall be very keen to hear from you.



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    I just had a phone call from my IT Director asking if Spiceworks could do something - and It can't!! (Unbelievable, I know!)

    He wants to send a few separate tickets, in their entirety to another company for them to look at the tickets.

    I first suggested printing the ticket to a PDF - but that doesn't include the attachments - and he wants to send them too. I then suggested using the web portal and giving the outside company a login to Spiceworks, but didn't seem keen on that either.

    He want's a way of sending the whole ticket, including all attachments, to an email address of his choosing... can anyone think of a way, or is this going to have to become a feature request??


    A feature request has now been added - go spice it up!

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  • 11/23/12--08:54: configurin helpdesk feature
  • How to configure help desk as per my organization requirement

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  • 10/01/13--08:54: Working The IT Help Desk
  • The Spiceworks desktop makes working the IT Help Desk easy. You can monitor status, create reports, change ticket details, and track activity associated with every ticket in the system. Table Of Contents Using The Spiceworks Ticket Summary Table The ticket summary table is a quick and easy way to see listings of specific tickets in the Help Desk. You can see all tickets, or something as specific as tickets that require a purchase. It also has sorting capabilities and the ability to highlight a ticket to see more details. Click on the Help Desk tab. Use the drop-down menu in the top left to select a ticket queue. Click on the column headings to sort the data in the table. Click on a row in the table to see ticket details in the Ticket Detail window in the bottom half of the page. You can add new queues to the list by creating . Run...

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  • 12/05/13--16:04: Help Desk Notifications
  • How Do The Help Desk Email Notifications Work? Users and/or admins may be alerted via email when tickets are submitted or comments are added to tickets. Users will be notified anytime a non-private comment (a Response, rather than a private Note) is made to the ticket. Admins must set up their account to receive email notifications. Receiving email notifications: Navigate to Settings → User Accounts Find the Email Notifications column in the user table and check Help Desk next to the users you want to receive Help Desk notifications. Or select All to receive the Help Desk notifications, alerts and weekly updates.Emails are sent only if both outgoing and incoming email settings are configured (see note below). If outgoing settings are not configured, no emails will be delivered. For more information on setting up Spiceworks to...

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  • 05/08/14--10:01: IT Help Desk Overview
  • Table Of Contents Frequently Asked Questions Can I merge duplicate tickets? Just open the duplicate ticket, click the down arrow next to the Close button and select Close as Duplicate (the ticket must be assigned first for this to be available). Now select the original ticket from the list, or search for it if it isnt listed. Can I assign tickets to specific queues? allows you to create queues for tickets that will automatically populate with the tickets that meet your requirements. Can I add a help desk only role? I dont want my help desk techs in the inventory section. You can choose Help Desk admin as an option when adding a new admin. Or add them as a Help Desk Tech to only let them see tickets that have been assigned to them Can users submit screenshots in their ticket? Sure, your users can press a hot-key and have a screenshot...

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    I just had a brainwave - does this seem like a good thing for Spiceworks to include in a future release??

    Or does anyone know of any plugins that do this (I couldn't find any).

    If you like the idea - spice it up!